RPL Mission, Vision and Core Values


RPL Mission Statement

The Rollinsford Public Library is a strong community partner providing programs and services that bring people together; foster creativity; and encourage life-long learning. We strive to preserve our community’s storied past; enrich present lives; and prepare for an ever-changing future.

OUR vision

To be the welcoming heart of our community where all come to learn, discover, create and connect.


Our Core values

The Rollinsford Public Library will guide accomplishment of our Mission and Vision by:

  1. Being a warm and welcoming place for our community members to gather.

  2. Being actively engaged in the life of the community.

  3. Employing a collaborative, creative and positive staff focussed on library users’ interest and needs

  4. Being good stewards of the Rollinsford Public Library’s financial and material resources.

  5. Ensuring ready, equal and equitable access to library materials.

  6. Protecting confidentiality of library patron records.

  7. Championing everyone’s right to intellectual freedom.